Wedding Photographer And Wedding Venue – Tips For Your Groom And Bride

Frequently the ‘bride and groom to be’ approach me at the very early phases of their wedding preparation and are undecided in their wedding place. I frequently get asked the question by those young couples seeking to get married, whether the wedding site makes a difference to the wedding photos. There’s not any easy reply to this question – it’s really no and yes.

As a professional wedding photographer, Patrick Ngugi visited many wedding places in Kenya, many of which have really breathtaking surroundings. It’s for that reason that I state ‘yes’ to the preceding question, since obviously a gorgeous wedding venue like the many wedding places in Nairobi have equally gorgeous landscapes and landscapes in which to shoot wedding photos that are unique.

One of my favorite wedding photos is one in which my husband and I’m standing on the bridge across the lake, looking into each other’s eyes as well as the light is simply amazing. It’s the best setting for the best wedding photo and it completely seized the minute. Having said that, I feel any photograph in which my husband & me are looking into every other’s eyes will be unique to me, irrespective of the backdrop or the light or the atmosphere. It’s just for that reason, that I say ‘no’ to the question about marriage places which make a difference to those photos.

Well that, and also as a good photographer can normally work around most settings and figure out ways to create the photos beautiful and distinctive. A good wedding photographer captures the moments along with also the feelings of your wedding day and also the placing shouldn’t make a difference to some of that.